Many Patent Drawing services out there offer what they like to advertise as bargain pricing, but they are not really fooling anyone. Usually a per sheet price is what clients have come to expect, but tell me what you get on that bargain sheet: one Figure, and that’s it, when it’s obvious that much more could have been placed on that sheet without crowding or clutter. The only time you will find RHODESWORK placing only one Figure on a sheet is because it truly does take the whole sheet as in the case of a ceiling fan perspective or an extremely complex schematic. Visit my “Patent Drawings” pages on this site and see for yourself how I use all the available space that is reasonable and decide for yourself what constitutes a “bargain”.

Call me or email to discuss your next project. I am more than happy to provide you with a Non-Disclosure Agreement, talk about your clients’ invention and provide you with a firm bid insofar as that is possible.

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Mark and princess Emma
Mark Rhodes and Princess Emma