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RHODESWORK began in 1980 in the day when pen and ink on Bristol Board was the medium and has grown with the times and technological changes so that now all drawings are done using PowerCADD by Engineered Software on MacIntosh computers. Archiving and retrieving drawings for CIP applications is fast and easy and drawings for new cases can be executed way faster than you are used to. Turn around time can be anywhere to a week or even a few minutes depending on your need. You are dealing directly with the Illustrator and not an office manager who will take your number and get back to you someday or put your request in a queue so you can wait your turn while your client becomes frustrated and misses a filing date. I understand that you need it when you need it and not when it’s convenient for me, and it’s this sort of personalized service that sets RHODESWORK apart from the rest. Combining such service with a level of quality of image at a fair price, makes everyone come out a winner.

Mark Rhodes Patent Illustration

From the Drawing Board

Why I use Macintosh computers for Patent Drawing—not an Accident

I am a dedicated Mac user because there is no better platform for doing what I do. And I love to spread the Good News.

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